Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (HMFP) offers Text-to-Pay, a new process for patients to make copayments, prepayments, and time of service payments for HMFP professional services through a mobile device. This new platform allows you to make any appointment-related payments via a link sent directly to your cell phone by a front desk staff member via a text message.

Click here for a tip sheet and FAQs.

Please note: HMFP no longer accepts credit card payments via a credit card terminal. Cash and paper checks are also no longer accepted as a method of payment. If you are unable to use your phone for payment during your appointment, you will receive a future statement in the mail.

We value your patience and cooperation as we continue to use this new technology.


Can I split my payment across multiple credit cards?

Yes. You will receive multiple text messages, with one text message per credit card, with the split amount.

If I cannot stay for the appointment, or if my physician cannot see me, can I receive a refund for my credit card payment?

Yes. Please see the front desk staff to request a refund. The refund might take several business days to appear on your credit card balance depending on how quickly your credit card issuer processes the transaction and credits your account.

Can I pay with cash or check if I cannot use the text to pay link?

No. HMFP only accepts time of service payments, such as a copayment or prepayment, via Text-to-Pay at this time. If you cannot make the payment during your appointment, you will receive a future statement in the mail.

Can I make a payment on an outstanding HMFP statement balance at the front desk?

At this time, the check-in team will not be collecting payments for previous outstanding balances. Please use the web address found on your statement or contact the phone number provided on the statement for assistance.

If I have an international cell phone number, will I be able to use that number to make a payment?

No. At this time, you cannot make a payment using an international phone number, or make a payment if you are physically located outside of the United States. Text-to-Pay currently does not have the option of adding different country codes. You will receive a future statement for any balance you may have.