HMFP/APHMFP Human Resources Department

diverse team
We’re pleased you’ve spent a few minutes browsing through our website. Our Human Resources team collaborates with our HMFP and APHMFP departments, practices and sites on a broad array of programs and services including:

• The recruitment and retention of diverse talent
• Promoting a culture of open communication and one that values all providers and staff
• Offering competitive pay and benefit programs and administering payroll
• Creating and maintaining a supportive environment and fostering positive work experiences for all of our colleagues
• Providing opportunities and support for professional development and growth
• Ensuring compliance with all regulations

Working in the spirit of continuous improvement and collaboration, we strive to improve systems and processes to make your interaction with our office and your experience as an employee efficient and timely.

Note: While many of our colleagues physically practice at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, an affiliate or an off-site location, it’s important to remember that the positions for which we recruit and the providers we employ are HMFP/APHMFP employees. Employment practices may vary from those of other colleagues with whom you work at various locations.