HMFP/APHMFP Compliance Department

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The Office of Compliance for Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians offers assistance to all HMFP/APHMFP staff in any matters that pertain to compliance. We provide individual and departmental trainings to educate staff members regarding HMFP/APHMFP's Compliance policies and procedures, which comply with Federal, State, and third-party payer's rules and regulations. We also perform individual prospective audits for HMFP/APHMFP physicians in an effort to identify potential compliance problems and to aid in the reduction of liability and risk.

Important services that the Office of Compliance offers include:

  • Annual Physician Compliance Training Sessions
  • HIPAA education and enforcement.
  • Individual Physician and Staff Training - including such topics as: documentation and E/M guidelines, correct use of ICD-9/CPT codes and modifiers, consultations guidelines, and NP and ancillary staff guidelines, as well as ACCP support with ICD-10 implementation.
  • Fraud "hotline" for reporting suspected fraud and abuse (888-753-6533).

Contact Information:

Any member of the Office of Compliance may be contacted for your compliance questions or to schedule an individual training session.

Location: 600 Unicorn Park Drive, Woburn, MA

Confidential Fax: 781-528-2820


Phone: 781-528-2800