Sports and Recreation

Massachusetts is the perfect place for any sports enthusiast. Each season has a team to root for or a destination to go to. Fenway Park in Boston is famous not only for the Red Sox, but also for the epic concerts they host. We also are lucky enough to have Gillette Stadium, which is the home to the New England Patriots! And who could forget the Celtics, our basketball team or the hockey players from the Bruins that play at the TD Garden? Wherever you go, there’s a hometown team for you!

In addition to the championship level sports you can watch or go see live, there are all sorts of options available for people with an active lifestyle. People of all fitness levels will enjoy the large variety of hiking and biking trails that Massachusetts has to offer and during the winter months, a quick trip up north in New Hampshire and Maine will bring you to many ski resorts.

Simply walking around town is also always a great time as Boston features many public and state parks as well as many wildlife reservations in the surrounding areas.

Come experience Boston, the sports hub of New England!